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Hello Schools, Community Youth Groups, and Sport Leagues!

As we all continue to support youth wellness, Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region (CMHA Calgary) recognizes that school and community-based mental health education is more important than ever. As such, we are excited to invite your school or community group to schedule YouthSMART Workshops for your students and youth participants.

What is YouthSMART?

CMHA Calgary’s YouthSMART Initiative (Youth Supporting Mental Health and Resiliency Together) integrates mental health learning opportunities in local junior and senior high schools, as well as youth community groups. Operating for over a decade, and reaching close to 25,000 young people each year, YouthSMART provides mental health education, proven to generate an awareness of mental health topics, combat stigma, and encourage appropriate help seeking behaviours amongst Calgary and area youth.

What are the YouthSMART Workshops?

YouthSMART continues to offer our popular menu of mental health workshops and engagement opportunities for all Calgary and area schools, youth groups, and sport leagues serving youth aged 12 – 24. All sessions are age-appropriate, interactive, and flexible between virtual delivery and in-person facilitation.

Understanding stress is foundational in maintaining personal health and wellness. This interactive learning session provides an overview of what the stress response is, and how it affects the body and mind. Students will develop an awareness of their own particular stressors, and how to cope with stress in healthy ways.

45 – 90 minute facilitated workshop offered to individual classes or groups for youth ages 12 – 24.

This learning session breaks down common misconceptions surrounding mental health and mental illnesses while promoting a proactive and preventative approach to wellness. Students gain a comprehensive introduction to stigma, the common warning signs for mental health concerns, and the resources available for help.

45 – 90 minute facilitated workshop offered to individual classes or groups for youth ages 12 – 24.

There is no perfect formula for helping someone, but you can strengthen your supportive skills. This learning session outlines how students might recognize if someone is in distress, while improving their listening, communication, and helping abilities.

45 – 90 minute facilitated workshop offered to individual classes or groups for youth ages 12 – 24.

This learning session provides a compassionate and informative discussion around preventing suicide, as it seeks to dispel myths, outline warning signs, and connect youth to professional resources.

45 – 90 minute facilitated workshop offered to individual classes or groups for youth ages 12 – 24.

Offered in partnership with Alberta Health Services, the Community Helpers Program follows a peer support model, and understands that every community has natural helpers willing to support their peers in times of need. Through this training, youth are able to help build mental health equity in their school or community by understanding common mental health language, identifying levels of concern, connecting to resources, gaining experience implementing an easy-to-follow process for helping others, strengthening and practicing their helping skills, expanding their helping skills toolbox, and utilizing appropriate self-care techniques.

Typically 8 – 14 hours of facilitated training, delivered to individual classes or nominated students, for youth ages 12 – 24.

CMHA Calgary provides short parenting workshops on a variety of mental health related topics that help parents and caregivers boost their own wellness while learning how to support the wellness of the youth in their lives.

All the above topics, targeted at individuals supporting youth, typically 45 – 90 minute workshops, for parents of young people aged 8 – 24.

How can I schedule YouthSMART Workshops for my youth?

YouthSMART’s facilitated learning opportunities are available, free of cost, to all local schools and youth groups serving young people aged 12 – 24, as well as their parents.

Groups may book multiple facilitated sessions, however capacity is limited, and bookings are confirmed on a first come, first served basis.

The non-facilitated KidSMART (ages 8 – 12) and EQUIPPED (ages 16 – 24) learning opportunities are also free of cost and available anytime, online. Check out

Please contact us by email at if you have any questions, or to schedule facilitated opportunities for your classroom, youth group, or sports league.

YouthSMART looks forward to working with your group in-person or virtually this year!


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