Community Helpers

Community Helpers is a peer selected training initiative available in schools, workplaces and community groups for people who demonstrate a natural tendency to help others. Community Helpers aims to enhance an individual’s supportive skills while emphasizing the importance of self-care.

How Do I Become a Community Helper?

The Community Helpers program is based on a peer support model where individuals are nominated or selected to become a community helper by their peers. Anonymous surveys are provided to students, adults, or individuals to identify people within the school, workplace, or community who already demonstrate a natural ability to help.

For more information on the Community Helpers training, the education program or to book Community Helpers training, please email [email protected]

What Should I Expect From Training?

Community Helpers learn the Helping Skill. The Helping Skill is a tool that supports an individual’s natural helping ability. Opportunity to engage with the Helping Skill is found in topics such as: knowing when to help a friend, limits as a helper, mental illness, suicide prevention, healthy relationships, and identifying appropriate resources. The training engages participants in scenarios within these topics to build confidence in their ability to help others. At the end of training participants will be able to build mental health equity in the school and community by understanding common mental health language, identifying levels of concern and resolve conflict through the Helping Skill, connecting to helping resources and professionals, and practicing appropriate self-care.

How Long Does Training Take?

Junior high training is three sessions three hours in length. We recommend either three morning sessions or three afternoon sessions. Total training time is nine hours.

High school training has five sessions two hours in length. However, if the high school can accommodate longer training times, the training can become two sessions five hours in length. Total training time is ten hours.

For adult groups the training can take a full day. Depending on the specific modules requested the training could take between eight to ten hours.